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Dawn | Ombre Chestnut #T1C6


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Our Ombre Chestnut human hair extensions are designed for the girl who is glamorous, composed and confident! These multi-tonal hair extensions are a gorgeous mix of Mocha Brown that gradually transitions into Chestnut Brown towards the bottom.
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Product Details

Tim Carli Clip-in Hair extensions are produced with 100% Remy human hair. Remy hair is the highest quality human hair that naturally blends with your own. Remy hair can last up to 1 year or longer.

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Looks very natural

At first I was worried that the hair wouldn't look real in my hair. But I can say I was pleasantly suprised. They look like they're grown from my own roots and I have had many people complimenting on my gorgeous, healthy long hair. Will recommend you




So happy with my set!

I'm so glad I decided on the ombre! Everyone is complimenting me and it looks amazing!




So beautiful

Loving my new hair. The best part is that no one knows it's extensions. It's really so beautiful.




Wedding day to remember

My wedding day look was complete with the 220g ombre chestnut extensions. My hair has never looked so good. Thank you!





I agree that Tim Carli hair is amazing quality. The hair is super soft and it doesn't tangle much at all. Keep up the amazing products!




had to cut it

The 220g set is very thick and it blends well with my short layers. However, I needed to give them a customized cut to fit in with the layers in my hair. It looks very nice now, but I would have preferred not cutting into the beautiful hair.



Penny T.

Easy to Style

I love how I can wear my clip ins in a million different ways and they're super easy to curl / straighten etc. Make sure you set the temperature though because the hair is as fragile as any other human hair! XXX



Alexis S.

Experienced Customer Feedback

I've had a lot of experience with extensions before, but this was the first time I bought fom Tim Carli. They offered exceptional service throughout the process. I emailed them about finding the right color and they responded within the hour. They recommended jet black based on my photos so that's what I went for. I'm amazed how well they matched my hair. The extensions are soft and have a very good length you can play with if you want to cut them /layer them.

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Q: Hallo Tim Carli Team! My hair is thin and just passes my shoulders and it's naturally curly. I was wondering if the extensions come curly like in some pictures so that it can match my natural hair?

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    Tim Carli Support

    A: Hi Josie! Thank you for your question. I'm happy to help. Your Tim Carli hair extensions will arrive straight, however because it is made from 100% Remy human hair you can curl it to match the natural texture of your hair. : ) If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to our stylists. They will be happy to help you :) Sincerely Nicky Tim Carli Support




Q: I have a blunt bob cut, will the 220g be okay to give me a seamless blend?

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    Tim Carli Support

    A: Hi Cara. Thank you for your interest in Tim Carli hair extensions. I'm happy to help. The 220g is the best set for short hair, because it has enough hair per weft to create a seamless blend with your natural hair. However, because your hair has blunt edges you may have to layer your hair and extensions together to create a smooth flow from where your hair ends and the extensions begin. You can easily do this by taking your extensions to your hairdresser for an expert layered cut. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to our stylists. They will be happy to help you :) Sincerely Nicky Tim Carli Support




Q: Hi. I have a question. I don't have an ombre in my hair, but my hair is dark brown and medium length, can I still wear this ombre Tim Carli hair set?

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    Tim Carli Support

    A: Hi Jass Good question! I'm happy to help. You don't necessarily need to have an ombre to wear Tim Carli's Ombre Chestnut hair extensions. It depends on the length and the color of your hair. - If you have short or medium (slightly below your collarbone) length hair that matches the base color of the Ombre you want, you will be able to wear Tim Carli Ombre extensions without already having your own hair ombre. Keep in mind: The color ratio of Tim Carli's Chestnut Ombre clip-in extensions are 50% Mocha Brown and 50% Chestnut Brown. - If you have longer hair that's all one color, then you'll need to get your ends lightened to match the Chestnut Ombre, otherwise it may appear unnatural since your Tim Carli hair extensions are attached underneath your natural hair. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to our stylists. They will be happy to help you :) Sincerely Nicky Tim Carli Support




Q: Hi :) What is the sample weft for??

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    Tim Carli Support

    A: Dear Helen Thanks for reaching out to me :) Your Tim Carli hair extensions package has two components: A tester, or sample, component and a main component. The function of the sample weft is to give you a chance to see if the hair is the right thickness and matches the color of your hair. You can return your extensions for any reason within 60 days of purchase, if you have only opened the sample component and if the main component is still sealed. Simply fill in the form below, wait for your item to be delivered and post it back to us. Once we receive the item, you can request either a full refund, a Tim Carli voucher of the same value as your purchase, or exchange your purchase for another style. *Credit card refunds can take between 2-14 working days. If you have any other concerns about payment or fees, please do not hesitate to take to our live sales agents will will be happy to help you :) Sincerely xxx Louisa Tim Carli Support

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