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Our Jet Black real human hair extensions are designed for girls who are breathtaking, wild and daring. Jet Black is the deepest version of black with hints of cool blue tones that create depth and definition.
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Tim Carli Clip-in Hair extensions are produced with 100% Remy human hair. Remy hair is the highest quality human hair that naturally blends with your own. Remy hair can last up to 1 year or longer.

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Celeste W.

Very impressed!

Going to a site that is so new & I am completely unfamiliar of was iffy but I am so glad I did! Very impressed with the quality and wonderful customer service! :) I would definitely recommend TimCarli hair to friends/family.





I wore my jet black extensions for my sisters wedding. (I'm on the left). I absoluteley loved my hairstyle and new I wouldn't have been able to pull off this gorgeous updo without the extra length and volume! They are so effortless to use.

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Dora K.


I've always struggled with flat hair... And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that its worse when you have dark hair !! My friend suggested extensions so I somehow ended up on Tim Carli. I am So So so thankful I went that route. Everything from delivery to packaging is perfect! My only regret is that I went with the 160g, because I actually had to leave out about 2 wefts. Other than that I couldn't be happier.




Sneak Peek!

Received my TC box! The hair looks and feels amazing! It's so soft and thick throughout! Can't wait to get my hair dyed so that I can clip them in! Jay!

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Ellie J.


I love the hair - super soft, great quality etc etc (everything everybody is saying) but the color is very black. Blacker than I expected. I have already sent mine back to exchange for the off black so holding thumbs it will be a better match for me!

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Darahani Guptar

Q: How long can the Clep in hair extensions stay in hair

  • A

    Tim Carli Julian

    A: Hi Darahani. Thank you for your question. I'm happy to help! Tim Carli clip-in extensions are non-permanent, which means you must take them out before you go to sleep. Going to sleep with your extensions clipped-in can lead to tangles and you also risk breaking the clips. You can easily attach them daily, as they are super easy to attach. It will take you 10 minutes at home. : )




Q: Last time I ordered stuff online I ended up playing a s##t ton of tax. I live in the US in Texas. Is the total really the total I will pay or not?

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    Tim Carli Julian

    A: Dear Angela I am so sorry to hear about your terrible tax experience. What a nasty surprise! I would like to assure you that transparency is a core value of our company. We will never try to mislead you. That being said, there may be additional taxes on your order, depending where you live. Some local state governments mandate sales taxes on orders. We do not benefit from these taxes in any way. We merely pay the amount directly to the state. At this time, Pennsylvania and California both mandate such state sales taxes on orders. The state sales tax for orders shipped to Pennsylvania is 6% whereas the tax for Californian orders is 7.5%. If you have any other concerns about payment or fees, please do not hesitate to take to our live sales agents will will be happy to help you :) Sincerely xxx Louisa Tim Carli Support

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