Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips

22 August 2019


A plethora of 90’s fashion trends has made their way to the top of the modern girl’s list of must-haves. Among dungarees, film cameras and mom jeans, hair clips synonymous with our schoolgirl days have stormed the trendiest Pinterest boards and can be seen blowing up on Instagram right now. In this blog, we share 6 beautiful ways to wear hair clips of all shapes and sizes in the 20th century, just like a cool girl.

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Flirty Flair Hair Adornments

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Hair Adornments | Hair clips trends | NYFW2019
On the street at New York Fashion Week. Image Credit: Imaxtree

Strategically placed hair clips in your hair are hard to miss, and that’s exactly why it’s such a big hit right now. It’s whimsical, romantic and perfect for a date night or special occasion. This style works wonders for short or long hair. And the best part? It looks amazing on laid back hairstyles, like straight hair or slight waves for a beautiful, balanced look. That means less time spent perfecting the look, and more time to shine.


Hair model wearing Tim Carli Platinum Blonde clip-in hair extensions with glitzy clips

How to Get the Style

Use a few small hair clips from the same collection and layer them throughout the length of your hair. Or you can mix and match with different colors and textures for a bolder look. Most hair clips have non-slip grips, but if you have fine, or silky hair, you may want to take extra precaution to ensure the clips don’t slip out! There are a few ways to create grip in your hair: 1) Don’t style on freshly washed hair 2) Apply hairspray, everywhere. 3) Use a flat iron to create small bends in your hair. 4) Apply thickening, texture tease products to create grip and texture.

Cool Girl Bobby Pin Stacking

Image Credit: Hair by Linda

The trusty bobby pin. Where will we be without it? Bobby pins are usually the underdogs when it comes to styling hair and mostly used for heavy lifting rather than their aesthetic appearance. We are happy to say that the winds of change have begun to blow. Bobby pin stacking is oh so cool and effortless to pull off. Simply, find your best angle and apply the clips by stacking approximately five bobby pins in a criss-cross pattern. Use colorful bobby pins to add a splash of color to a monochromatic outfit.

Did you know?

When you slide the bobby pin into your hair, the wavy side should be against your scalp. (Legit only learned this in the last two years, still use it the wrong way.)

Decorative Hair Pins

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Decorative hair pins | hair clips | popular hair clips
Image Credit: Crisandhercloset

The decorative pin is the glitzier sister of the bobby pin and comes in various designs and colors. Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, place two or more of these clips next to each other for the most flattering effect.

Uptown Girl Realness

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Hair clips trends | Trending hair clips | most popular hair clips | Pearl snap clips | Pearl hair clips
Image Credit: A Daydream Love

Timeless pearls on pretty girls. For a more classy and elegant take, get your hands on pearl-embellished clips. They add a touch of sophistication to any hairstyle, be it ponytails, braids, straight hair, curls or buns. The most popular trend is wearing two jumbo clips, one rectangle snap clip and one triangle snap clip above or next to each other, like above.

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Pearl hair clip | Pearl snap clips | popular hair clips | classy hair clips
Image Credit: NeoBeau Shop

How to Pull It Off 

There is no right or wrong way to style pearl hair clips. The key is finding the perfect balance that works for you and your style preference. You can complement a jumbo clip with two petite pearl clips on either side or place them right next to the jumbo clip for a perfect pattern, or you can create a semi-undefined pattern by wearing pearl clips in various shapes and designs. A middle-path, especially on those with round face shapes, with a clip-on either side of your temples, is super chic and will elongate your features. If you don’t like clipping your hair away from your face, you can always add a dash of panache to your ponytail or bun with pearl clips for Instagram-worthy style. 

6 tips to wear clips like a pro

  • Tip 1: Don’t over-style your hair, let the clips be the stars of the show. 
  • Tip 2: Insert your clips just above the ear to help highlight your best features, like your eyes and cheekbones. 
  • Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to use more than one clip, instead of trying to close a bunch of hair into just one clip. 
  • Tip 4: Lookout for materials, clasps, and closures that won’t tug or break your hair.  
  • Tip 5: Got thick hair? Small, petite clips may get lost in your mane. Opt for bigger clips instead. 
  • Tip 6: Have fun with it! With so many beautiful designs and patterns, you can really create the look you want by pairing it with a pretty dress for a youthful image or a suit for a corporate chic look.

Edgy Essence Statement Clips

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Slogan barettes | glitzy clips | word clips | clips with words | edgy clips
Image Credit: Crisandhercloset

Let your hair do the talking - literally! Slogan barrettes are the new alternative trend to express your mood, personal truth, brand allegiance, country of origin and even your star sign. According to ELLE, “for a generation that's immersed in constant communication and obsessed with authenticity, being able to define yourself amongst the masses is more important than ever.” When a designer described Selena Gomez as ugly (uh, what?), her response was to wear a sparkling barrette that spelled the word ugly as a way to reclaim ownership of the insult. Now that’s #girlpower!

Clips for Every Bride

Whether it’s something borrowed, something old, something new, or something blue -  decorative hair clips and pins have always been part of wedding hair fashion.

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Hair Clip Infographic | hair clips for weddings | wedding hairstyles | flower hair clips
Bride wearing Tim Carli clip-in hair extensions adorned in flower clips, on her special day.

What mood do you want to evoke on your special day? Romantic, half up hairstyles are beautifully complemented with hair vine clips, that draws your eyes down the length of the hair. Boho brides look stunning with floral clips and crowns. Finish off a traditional updo with a sophisticated crystal comb clip. Faux pearl clips add a classic and elegant twist to your final look. Can't commit to one style? Well, the best thing about hair clips is that you can switch them up for a different look and feel during your ceremony and reception. Just remember the golden rule: The blingier and busier your dress, the subtler your hair clips, and vice versa!

Corporate Cool Clips

Tim Carli Blog | Oh Snap! How to Wear Hair Clips | Hair Blog | Hair clips trends | Trending hair clips | most popular hair clips | tortoise shell hair clips | professional hair clips
Image Credit: Net-a-Porter

Can you work it? Hair clips are not only reserved for weekends. Whether your dress code is casual or corporate, there are business chic hair clips that’ll instantly elevate your 9-5 look. Tortoiseshell barrettes and snap clips (above) are eye-catching pieces that add the right amount of color to your look while keeping it chic and professional. Pearl clips and minimalist machete clips work wonders to keep your hair neat and tidy without being dull and boring.

Hair clips are high fashion (and affordable!) You can find these gorgeous hair clips at your local retail stores like Forever21, TopShop and H&M. Did you enjoy the blog? Subscribe to Tim Carli for more hair tips and latest hair trends sent straight to your inbox.

Written By Nicky V.

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