New York Fashion Week 2019: Top 5 Fall Hairstyles and Hair Trends

What to do with your hair this Fall

18 September 2019


New York Fashion Week is the biannual event that takes place in February and September each year. Designers the world overcome together in the Big Apple to unveil their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer fashion collections to the public, buyers, and press. Not much of a fashionista? NYFW does not only influence the fashion you see at your favorite retail shops, but it also has a huge impact on hair and make-up trends. And if you haven’t guessed already, we’re here for the latest and greatest in hair fashion, fresh from the most loved runway ; ) Check our top picks below!

Fall Hair Trend: Long and Low Ponytail 

Low ponytails officially run the show (sorry Ari). Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Cushnie and Christian Siriano paired their designs with modern and sleek hairstyles that feature sharp middle or side paths and low ponytails, complete with satin or silk ribbons and even cascading metal chains. Not big on hair accessories? You can still get this modern look with a wraparound effect. Simply, take a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of your pony to hide the hair tie or create a braid that is used to secure your ponytail. We love a minimalist low ponytail that you get to dress up or use as a blank canvas to emphasize your jewelry and best facial features. 

Need #inches to pull off this look? Check out Tim Carli hair for a range of quality human hair extensions that won’t break the bank. 

NYWF Fun Fact

Many believe that closing the show is more important than the opening. The last model to walk out, sometimes hand-in-hand with the designer, is often referred to as the designer's Muse - either by the designer or by assumption.

Fall Hair Trend: Deep Side Part

It’s all about that part this fall and more specifically, a side-swept part. Venezuelan fashion designer, Carolina Herera is a frontrunner when it comes to pairing her designs with sharp side parts and this fall, it’s gonna be big. A smooth side part lends itself to long and short hair and is fairly easy to achieve. Simply, create a deep side part on the left or right side of your head (whichever side your rock best), then use a heat protectant on your hair before running your hair through a straightener. Finish off the look with hairspray and voila! Influencer, Laureen Uy, showed us how it’s done during the fall shows. She completed her side-swept look by clipping her hair back with three bobby pins - right on-trend.

Fall Hair Trend: Windswept Ponies

Tendrils of love at Jonathan Simkhai. You know the look after you’ve hit the gym and your ponytail is all tousled, messy and sexy and you really wish you didn't have to hit the shower and destroy what squats and 10 minutes on the treadmill created? Well, this fall, you have a great excuse to look the part without doing any of the work. Face framing tendrils will be the look of the season and anything that takes little to no effort to pull off is a big plus in our books. 

NYWF Hair Stylist Backstage Secret

Ever wondered how runway hairstylists create incredible texture and hold under major pressure? Hair Stylist, Nick Irwin, revealed his number one weapon: dry shampoo. “I use(d) dry shampoo and then blasted the hair with a hairdryer so that the hair becomes a different fabric almost to play with,” Irwin said.

Fall Hair Trend: Crimped Waves

Crimped hair takes us back to fabulous Xtina days. This time around, the structured crimps are softer, fuller and leans more towards s-shapes than tiny zig-zags. NYFW has set the scene for the iconic hairstyle this fall and Queen K was one of the frontrunners to put her own mermaid-Esque spin on it. Do you love it?

How to get the look

With the right tool, crimps are super easy to pull off. A three-barrel crimper works best for bigger, softer and trendier waves. Start by applying heat protectant spray on your hair, then part your hair in even sections. Take one section of hair and clamp down. Remember to leave at least 2 inches between your roots and the crimper tool. 

Fall Hair Trend: Hair Clips

Rummage in your closet for those snap clips, because this fall, you’ll be doing some accessorizing. Hair clips are back with a bang and we absolutely love the freedom of expression that comes with this re-born trend. Whether you like to keep it classy and sophisticated or a little bit dangerous and edgy, there are hair clips to match your personal sense of style. Check out the blog below to learn how to accessorize with hair clips like a pro.

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Written By Nicky V.

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