How to Curl Your Hair Extensions With 3 Different Curling Tools

Want to create flawless curls with your hair extensions? We've got the know-how! Learn how to create tight and wavy curls using 3 different hair curling tools.

30 November 2018


For some girls, curling their hair comes naturally, like breathing. Others, on the other hand, can’t tell the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand, nevermind getting the foreign looking thingy-majiggy to create flawless curls. If you sound like the latter, you’re reading the right article. We reveal everything you need to know about the best hair curling tools and we’ll even demonstrate how to use each tool using hair extensions.

1. Hair Curling Tool: Curling Iron

4-clip blonde hair extension weft curled with curling iron

The Pro's

A curling iron is by far the most popular hair curling tool and has been on the market much longer than any other curling product. The reason for its popularity? It has a nifty clasp that holds the hair in place as soon as you wrap it around the barrel. The clasp allows you to get your entire hair strand on the barrel and it maintains heat from both sides. For these reasons, you can definitely say that a curling iron is user-friendly and convenient. (You are less likely to burn your fingers with a curling iron.)

The Cons

While the clasp may have many perks, it’s very tricky to maneuver at first and requires more practice to effectively curl your hair. Another known issue is that the clasp sometimes leaves an unwanted kink at the tip of your hair strand.

Type of Curl

Curling irons are ideal for tight, spiral ringlets. If your hair doesn’t keep curls for long, this tool will work best for long-lasting curls.

The Method

What You Need:

  • Curling Iron with a temperature dial.

How to Curl Your Hair Extensions With a Curling Iron

GIF|Curling hair extensions with a curling iron

  • Start at the top of the weft.
  • Open the clamp.
  • Place the hair at the top of the curling iron and close the clamp.
  • Twirl the rest of your hair around the iron by slowly releasing the clamp.
  • Once all of the hair is wrapped around the iron, press and hold the clasp down for 5-7 seconds.
  • Finish off with flexible yet strong-hold hairspray.

2. Hair Curling Tool: Curling Wand

Curly hair extension with a curling wand

The Pro’s

Moving on, we have the curling wand. It’s a claspless version of a curling iron that’s quite straightforward to use. Some beauty vloggers refer to it as a quick-fast way to get a curly look if you’re in a hurry. Curling wands come with different size barrels, that allow you to create different types of curls. Smaller barrels give you tighter curls, whereas larger barrels give you big, wavy curls. Some curling barrels go from broad at the top to narrow at the ends, (as pictured above) this design helps to create a natural wavy look.

The Cons

You need to wind your hair strand around the barrel and hold it in place for longer than you would with a curling iron. The reason for this is because a wand doesn’t have a clasp to insulate heat. This also means that you don’t get your entire hair strand on the wand.

Type of Curls

Depending on the size of your barrel, curling wands are better to create beach-like waves rather than full-on ringlets. The reason for this is because the hair strand is not insulated with heat from both ends.

The Method

What You Need:

  • Curling wand with a temperature dial.
  • Small or large barrel depending on the type of curl you want.
  • Heat protectant spray.

How to Curl Your Hair Extensions With a Curling Wand

GIF: Curling hair extensions with a curling wand

  • Apply heat protectant spray to the weft.
  • Hold the curling wand facing downward.
  • Wrap a section of hair around the barrel without overlapping the hair.
  • Use a small barrel for tight curls and a larger barrel for big waves.
  • Hold the section around the wand for 5-7 seconds and then release.
  • Finish off with flexible yet strong-hold hairspray.

3. Hair Curling Tool: Hair Straightener

Curly hair extension with a hair straightener

The Pro’s

With the right flick of the wrist, you can create beautiful curls with a hair straightener. It seems counterintuitive, but it works well. Who doesn’t love a two in one? Straighteners curl hair fast, so it’s the perfect option if you need gorgeous curls on the fly. Your curls also tend to last a lot longer because a straightener has heat panels on both sides.

The Con’s

A straightener doesn’t have a rounded barrel and for that reason, you’ll need to twist the hair and drag it down. This curling method can be tricky for a first-timer. Your straightener should be about 1-2 inches in width and have rounded edges to form perfect curls.

Type of Curls

The type of curls you can create with straighteners are extremely flexible, from tight curls to big and gentle waves. It depends on how fast or slow you move the iron down the hair.

The Method

What You Need:

  • Hair straightener with a temperature dial. 
  • 1-2 inches wide with rounded edges.
  • Heat protectant spray.

How To Curl Your Hair Extensions With a Straightener:

GIF: Curling hair extensions with a hair straightener

  • Apply heat protectant spray to the weft.
  • Starting close to the base of the weft, clamp the iron shut and turn it back on itself at half or full turn. Run the iron down the hair shaft to the end.
  • Tip: For tight curls, move the iron slowly down at full turn. For gentler waves, move the iron faster down your hair at half a turn.
  • Finish off with flexible yet strong-hold hairspray.

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Written By Nicky V.

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