How to Blend Curly Hair With Straight Hair Extensions

Imagine having to style extra inches of extensions on top of your natural curls. Sounds like a total nightmare, right? I’m here to tell you that not only can it be done, but it’s actually quite easy.

07 November 2018


The Perfect Blend: Straight Extensions with Curly Hair

Bless the beautiful mess: Anyone who tells you that you’re lucky to have curly hair has never had to deal with the many missions that come with styling and maintaining those beautiful tresses. 

“To straighten or not to straighten, that is the question” we face on a daily basis, feeling pressure to conform to the straight and narrow.

Well my curly-haired angles, at Tim Carli we focus on enhancing your natural beauty. So, put the straightener down...slowly... and no curls will get hurt! 

By now the thought of adding extra volume and length sounds downright ludicrous, right? Well, what if we told you that not only can it be done, but it’s actually easier than you may think. In this step by step guide, we’ll show you how to blend your hair extensions with your curls to give you a natural and effortless look and pretty soon you’ll be wondering why you ever considered taming your mane in the first place. Follow our easy instructions or watch the video below. 


Step 1: Find Your Shade

Finding your perfect shade is pertinent to seamlessly blending extensions with your curls. Most of us naturally have more than one hair tone. In this case, we suggest matching your extensions with the most prominent color. Or why not mix things up with more than one shade to complement the natural tonal qualities of your hair?


Step 2: Identify Your Curl Pattern
Girl with long, blonde hair styled with beach waves from the back.

It is important to determine what type of curl you have so that you can mimic your natural pattern. 

There are 3 main patterns:

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Step 3: Curl Talk
Girl with natural 3B curls with hands in her hair

Heat vs No Heat Methods

There is some contention as to whether or not naturally curly hair should be heat treated or not. The truth is that too much heat can damage your natural curl pattern, however, if you do prefer to refine your curls with a curling wand we definitely recommend always using a heat protectant.  For those who prefer going au naturale, we’ve selected our foolproof curl techniques to give you that extra bounce in your wefts.

No Heat Methods

Technique 1: Braiding 
Curl Pattern: Type 2A
Result: Soft beach waves

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Braids | Lavender | Beach Blonde | Hair Extensions | No Heat Curl Method

  • Start off by dampening your braids. This can be done by dipping your braids in a basin of water or using a spray bottle. Apply products such as hairspray, gel or leave-in conditioner for extra hold.
  • Next, create simple three-strand braids on each weft. If you have tight curls opt for smaller braids while loose wavy curls will require bigger braids to match your natural hair. The best way to ensure the perfect blend is to combine small tight braids with a few bigger braids. After all, no two curls are alike.
  • Leave your braided wefts to set overnight - this will help the curls hold for longer.
  • Once your braids have dried, undo them using a comb or your fingers.
This creates a soft beach wave pattern that works well for curl type 2A.

Curl Tip 1: Add sea salt to the water if your hair's a little more course - this will roughen up your extensions to match your natural hair texture.
Curl Tip 2: Apply some serum or a natural oil alternative to prevent frizz.
Curl tip 3: Braid your own hair to achieve a seamless curl transition. (Double Dutch braids or boxer braids on either side of your head will give the best curl effect)

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Beach Blonde | Laughing women wearing sunglasses | Wavy Curls | Beach Waves | Hair Extensions | No Heat Curl Method


Technique 2: Pin curl 
Curl Pattern: Type 2B - 2C
Result: Loose curls

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Beach Blonde | Pin Curl on Hair Extensions | Wavy Curls | Beach Waves | Hair Extensions | No Heat Curl Method
  • Dampen hair extensions and apply a small amount of gel or any other product to hold the hair extensions.
  • Take 1-inch sections of hair and wrap the ends around your finger to create a loop. Start rolling the section of hair upwards until it reaches the top of the weft.
  • Secure each rolled section with a flat pin
  • Leave curls to set overnight for a long-lasting curl.
  • Separate curls with fingers or a comb for a natural look.
This creates a soft loose curl pattern that works well for curl type 2B-C.

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Beach Blonde | Pin Curl on Hair Extensions | Wavy Curls | Beach Waves | Hair Extensions | No Heat Curl Method

Technique 3: Rollers 
Curl Pattern: Type 3A - 3B
Result: Spiral Curl

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Beach Blonde | Foam Rollers on Hair Extensions | Wavy Curls | Beach Waves | Hair Extensions | No Heat Curl Method
  • Dampen hair and apply small amounts of gel or product to the extensions for hold.
  • Take a 1-inch section and wrap the end around the bottom end of your foam roller.
  • Holding the hair in place, twist the roller away from yourself at an angle so that the hair coils upwards around the roller.
  • When you reach the top of the roller, bend the top of the roller away from yourself and the bottom of the roller towards yourself. This will lock the roller in place.
  • Allow your wefts to dry for a few hours.
This technique creates a tighter spiral curl pattern that works well for curl type 3A-B.

Curl Tip: Remove the rollers when the extensions are semi-dry and allow them to dry completely for a looser curl. This will give you an elongated curl.

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Jet Black Hair | Flowers | Natural Curls | Spiral Curls | Woman of Colour | Hair Extensions | No Heat Curl Method

Heat Methods

Technique 1: The Wand Curl 
Curl Pattern: Type 2A - 3B
Result: Beach-like waves

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Hair Blog | Platinum Blonde | Wand Curls | Soft Curls | Curly Hair | Hair Extensions | Curling Wand | Heat Curling Method

If braiding, pinning and rolling your extensions doesn't give you the look you’re after, then your next best option would be to curl your extensions.

But before whipping out your wand and working your magic, remember to apply a heat protector to each of your wefts to ensure that they don’t get damaged. We also recommend using a 24mm barrel for foolproof longer lasting flawless curls

  • Start by wrapping small sections of hair around the curling tongs for no longer than 30 seconds. Do this with all of your wefts.
  • Remember that bigger curls will create a wavy effect while smaller curls will create tighter coils.
  • Once you’ve curled all the hair, rake your fingers through the wefts. This will loosen the curls and create a more natural effect. You can do this as much as you like until you’re happy with the results.

Curl Tip: Secure each curl with a clip and spray with hairspray. Leave to sit for 10 minutes before releasing each curl individually. This will give you a longer-lasting curl.

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And it's just that simple! With these curl hacks, you’ll be rocking fierce flawless curls - minimal effort and maximum results. 

For more help on finding the right thickness and shade of extensions, click the link here.

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Written By Andrea V.

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