Holiday Event Hairstyles

Get in the festive spirit with these 3 gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles.

05 December 2018


The year may be coming to an end, but your schedule is not easing up anytime soon. It’s the last hurrah before the fireworks display that welcomes us into the new year. From family gatherings, year-end functions, holiday road trips, Christmas Day to New Years Eve bash, you’ve got many reasons to sleigh this holiday! Here are our top three hairstyles for your holiday occasions.

Year-End Function

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Business In the Front, Party at The Back

Most of us have our ‘go-to’ work hairstyle. Mostly, it’s whatever is easiest to pull together in the morning or what our hair allows us to get away with. For this reason, you should definitely pull out all the stops at your year-end function at work. The best way to do that is with a slick back braid, like the one Gigi Hadid was recently seen sporting. You might even hear a few: “hey, does she work here?” comments.  😉 

Why We Love It

It’s a sleek and sexy look while still maintaining an air of sophistication. It highlights your gorgeous cheekbones and allows your lipstick and earrings to catch some shine. Create an extra-long braid with easy clip-in extensions. Then, wrap a one-clip weft around the base of the braid for a fashionable look that conveniently hides your hair tie.

Christmas Day

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Holiday Event Hairstyles | Half up hairstyles with Honey Blonde hair extensions | Machete hair clip
Model: Tristan, wearing Tim Carli’s Honey Blonde clip-in hair extensions.

Class Act

Jingle all the way! It’s Christmas day, yay! Create an effortlessly chic look for Christmas that will allow you to spend more time with your family and less time in front of the mirror, while still looking picture-perfect for every Christmas photo. Our top pick is a beautiful pulled back style with loose curls, secured with a machete round clip as a finishing touch.   

Get the Look

Tristan used her Honey Blonde clip-in extensions for extra length and volume to create this look.

  • For quick and gentle curls, use a curling wand on the ends of your hair.
  • Gently spritz flexible medium-hold hairspray onto the curls.
  • Divide a thin section of hair on either side of your head and pull it back to meet at the back of your head.
  • Secure the two sections of hair with a pretty clip.

For more cute hair accessory ideas, read our blog: Bedazzle Your Hair: 5 Trendy Hair Accessories

New Years Eve Bash

Tim Carli Hair Blog | Holiday Event Hairstyles | Kylie Jenner Wig | Blonde Wig

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Light up the scene with vivacious glam curls at your New Year's Eve bash. It’s the perfect opportunity to go all out and look unapologetically sexy. Shiny dress, glittery eyeshadow, glam curls - it’s meant to be.

Get the Look

To execute this glamorous look, lay on some length and volume with your Tim Carli hair extensions.

  • Start off with a good blow-dry.   
  • Create a side part. You can choose how far off-center you want it to be.
  • Split your hair into two sections, a top half and a bottom half. Clip the top half away.  
  • From the bottom, take a 1-2 inch section of hair.
  • Hold the curling iron horizontally.
  • Curl the section with a 1¼ or 2-inch curling iron to create glam S-shaped waves.
  • Make sure all the hair is wrapped around the iron and secured by the clip.
  • Let it set for 5-7 seconds then release.
  • After releasing, take a pin curl clip and twist the curl in a ring. Clip the curl at the roots to set and cool. Repeat this technique until the bottom section is completed.   
  • Moving on to the top half. Take a horizontal section of hair starting at the crown.  
  • Curl the hair away from your face and pin the curls with a pin curl clip. Repeat this technique throughout your top half.  
  • Spritz your hair with a flexible medium-hold hairspray and let is set for five minutes.
  • Afterward, release all the pin curls and lightly brush out your hair with a bristle brush.
  • Voila! Your hair should fall into gorgeous S-like shapes.

Take It a Step Further

Secure the wavy shape of your glam curls by taking a duckbill clip and clipping it at the dip of the S-like wave. Spritz your hair with more hairspray and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before releasing them. Finish off with a shine spray for a gorgeous glossy look.  Now it’s time to pop the champagne!

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Written By Nicky V.

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