5 Easy Ways to Make Curls Last Longer

Get picture perfect curls that last all day with 5 easy techniques guaranteed to make your hair look fresh and fab!

05 October 2018


Recently, I was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding. There were six of us and only a few hours in the day to get ready. The hair and makeup artists had an hour to spend on each one of us and guess who was lucky number one? Yep, yours truly.

My hair was curled and styled six hours before the ceremony even started! I was super worried that my beautiful curls would fall flat before the first picture of the day was taken. Luckily, our amazing hair stylist had a few tricks up her sleeve. Now I want to share them with you, this is how you can achieve long-lasting curls: 

1. Apply Hairspray Before you Curl Your Hair

I was mildly surprised when our hairstylist started spraying hairspray onto my hair before she even started on my curls. She explained that it’s important to create a rough texture in your hair with the stickiness of hairspray. In that way, the curls tend to last a lot longer. Remember to spray hairspray after you've curled your hair as well!  

2. Tie Your Curls Before Setting Them Free

This tip is especially handy for women with long, thick hair. When curling your hair, gently release the curl into your hand while maintaining its circular form and tie it against your head with a clip. This allows your hair to cool and set for stronger curls that last longer. Remember, the longer you keep them tied up,  the stronger they’ll be.  

3. Use a Small Barrel Curler

Smaller curls tend to last a lot longer. That’s why stylists recommend you use a small barrel curler to curl your hair. If you don’t have a curling iron and prefer to use a straightener, simply use smaller sections of hair to get the same effect. You may be thinking, “I don’t want small curls, I want big and wavy curls!” Don’t worry, you can easily get the voluminous curls effect with smaller curls by brushing them out afterwards.

4. Temperature Dial is Key

If you want your curls to last, you’re going to have to turn up the heat. Use a curling iron with a temperature dial so that you can easily regulate the temperature for your hair type.  Follow the quick guide below to find your perfect curling temperature:

  • Girls with thin or straight hair: 200℉ to 300℉
  • Girls with thick, wavy or curly  hair: 250℉ to 400℉

5. Curl your Clip-In Extensions Before Attaching Them

Personally, I find that my curls last longer when I curl my hair extensions before I attach them. It’s also a lot easier to manage. Here’s how I do it:

  • Step 1: Curl your natural hair. Pin them up to cool down and set. (See tip 2)
  • Step 2: Curl your extensions using the same pinning and cooling method, like in the picture above.
  • Step 3: Release the curls in your hair. Don't brush them out just yet.
  • Step 4: Unclip your extensions and attach them.
  • Step 5: Style your hair and extensions together by brushing them gently from the bottom up.

Written By Nicky V.

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